What is fashion brand reputation for?

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What is fashion brand reputation for?

fashion brand reputation

My recent blog posts concentrate on brand ingredients that I have mentioned on one of my early posts, and before we kick-start this one, I would like to add brand image to the brand ingredient list as well. But first – let’s see what brand reputation is, and what its role in the fashion industry is.

What is brand reputation?

This is how the customers see your brand. With a favorable reputation, consumers trust your brand and feel good when purchasing your products (DiAntonio, William, 2012). A good reputation attracts and protects the brand from possible bumps.

Reputation holds the opinions and beliefs made by customers as well as company employees and everyone else involved externally and internally, and it is something that takes time to build.

ABurburry reputation disasters an example, let’s use Burberry and the unwanted reputation disaster from the 70s.

Most of us know Burberry as a luxury brand with its gorgeous tartan pattern, but for those from the UK, it is associated with something else.

The disaster happened to Burberry in the 70s, is when hooligans started to wear clothing covered with Burberrys famous tartan, from top to bottom, with low quality and low class counterfeiter items. This unwanted attention ruined Burberrys reputation as a premium brand.
It took time and right people to gain back the reputation of an luxury brand, by going back to basics. But even today, there are groups of people in the UK wearing unflattering budget items with Burberry tartan.
There are still numerous amount of people, who buy luxury items, and might even own Burberry clothes, but simply are unable to wear them, because of its past and reputation it had gained.

Read more about how Burberry mended its checkered reputation.

Another short example, when luxury brands decide to drop their prices for becoming more available to average consumer as well as rise the profits. This usually backfires, as people want to pay the premium and be exclusive. Brand reputation usually drops, which means. that even average consumer stops seeing the brand as luxury or premium.

How to protect brand reputation?

Make strategic choices and work together with your loyal customers. Read what people say about your brand and your products, make surveys and don’t forget to delight your customers. Promote the most important aspects of your brand, and try to keep it simple, so that anyone can understand your brand message.

You need to react fast and be consistent, and do what you have promised.

What is brand image?

With consistency, consumer experience and brand personality, brand image can be developed but not entirely controlled. It is how customers view the brand and carry set of beliefs of the brand. People can have different images about the same brand, from possible previous experience with the brand or how their friend might describe the brand.

For someone purchasing branded garment, they are not just purchasing clothes, but the image the brand carries as well.
So knowing what customers think about your brand and how they perceive it, is important for the identity and reputation.


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