What consistency means for a fashion label

Fashion branding and marketing

What consistency means for a fashion label

What consistency means for a fashion label

Every marketer knows, that you need to be consistent in order to gain visibility and connect with the target audience. But for a fashion brand – being consistent is much more.

First of all, fashion label should apply consistency to the brand promise, such as; “we only use recycled materials”.
Your customers will know, that no matter what you do in your organisation, your products will always be as promised. May that be materials used, quality, time of delivery or any other promise there is.

Specific goals and and plans can help the label to be consistent with everything that happens within the entire fashion organisation.

Regarding marketing side of the brands consistency, it does not mean that you choose to use a single visual identification element over and over again. For instance: “our brands advertising will always contain blue color” or “our models are never wearing shoes”. This type of consistency tends to be very corny and unfavourable. (Uusitalo 2014).

Consistency in marketing and communications

When it comes to online appearance and communication, brand should constantly keep audience updated. Telling them about latest news, keep website and social media up-to-date and continue to engage with customers offline and online.
When the brand has gained certain amount of brand followers (or also known as brand fans), they will notice, if the consistency is broken, and might react with rage against the brand.

It is important to remember, that when the label reaches the desired publicity and followers, it does not mean that you don’t have to be consistent with your communications and promises anymore. Braking them might lead to loss of customers and bad brand reputation.


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