How to create a marketing calendar for a fashion brand.

Fashion branding and marketing

How to create a marketing calendar for a fashion brand.

While working on various projects, marketing calendar kept me on track on where we are, and what do we need to do next. It’s like a map that helps you through the year and guides you towards your goals.

For boosting up your productivity and getting your products out on time, I recommend setting up at least a rough schedule what should happen on certain times during the year. For example, you can already automate holiday greetings and schedule your sales dates. Looking back to your previous years, your marketing calendar will get more precise and make sense to you and your customers in the future.

There are various software’s and tools available, as well as Google calendar – if you want your calendar to travel easily with you, but what I found works best for myself – is one simple excel sheet.

How a marketing calendar should look?

Fashion brand marketing calendar

There is no particular style how the calendar should look and what information is should contain – you have entire freedom to build a calendar to meet your fashion business’s needs.

How fashion marketing calendar should look

What should your marketing calendar contain?

Because fashion businesses vary, from eCommerce to brick-store, and from one collection/style per year to four collections/styles per year – your marketing schedule should adopt with the industry you are in, how frequently you receive new styles and how often something new and exciting happens within your business.

Don’t forget about the sales and different promotions and campaigns, such as Valentines day or Christmas promotion.

What you need to plan:

  • Market research and a marketing plan for upcoming year
  • Sales
  • Photo shoots and collection showcases
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Campaigns
  • Performance audit
  • Website updates
  • Social media messages
  • Paid advertisement

It’s OK to spy on your competitors.

Check what your competitors are doing, when they start their sales and campaigns. Sign up for their newsletters and find out how frequently they send emails and what they contain. You can also find out if they are advertising on social media and Google by investigating these platforms.

If they have offline advertisement (e.g. traditional) in magazines, flyers, radio, TV – when does it happen? Is there a reason why they advertise only on particular times of the year, or in that certain form?

And remember, for standing out, look what is happening in other industries – outside fashion industry. How and where they advertise, what is their marketing plan and why is it working? What makes their campaigns so good?

It’s continuous learning process, and marketing plan will update frequently, it’s not a one time job — unfortunately. But it will assist you through the year and help you to reach your goals.


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