What is content marketing and how it can help your fashion business.

Fashion branding and marketing

What is content marketing and how it can help your fashion business.

Fashion brand content marketing

Content is king – is the first thing you hear a marketer say to you. If you are running your fashion business solo, you’ll quite often find yourself in the shoes of a marketer, and keeping up with marketing trends is as time consuming as trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

What is content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is source of information specially designed for your target audience. In fashion industry or in your business, this would be the content or information about the latest trends, styles and general business transparency.

The beauty of content marketing is that it’s everywhere and available for everyone. It’s thoroughly thought social media post, a blog post, the information on your website, the newsletters, videos, infographics and so on. It’s not a new concept, but it has taken a major role in the marketing industry, because it’s very efficient and requires completely new set of skills.

How to get started with content marketing for your fashion brand?

If you’re already generating traffic to your website, using Google Analytics will help you determine what your website visitors are interested in (quick reminder, Google offers free courses on how to get started with Google Analytics!). You can use your own analytic tools as well, to see where your visitors click and which websites (1) and products (2) they are mostly interested in.

Combining these two, you will know how and why they ended up to your website and what they are looking for. Can you put these two together? Perhaps through Google Analytics you’ll find out that your target audience are most interested in travelling and on your website most viewed item is a raincoat which fits in your pocket! Is this information enough for you to create a blog post or social message? Yes and no.

Of course you may now promote your most viewed item for someone who wants to travel light. But again, using Google, you can find out how and what they search: What are the keywords your target audience is using?

As an example:

  • Travel in style
  • What to pack when travelling light
  • Best raincoats for travellers
  • Active holiday must haves

Start typing different variations on Google, and let it do the leg work for you. Google predicts the search by most common keywords, and also gives you alternatives on the bottom of the page after you’re clicked ‘Search’. Here are some examples:

Travel in style search example

Best raincoats fashion search

Google prediction fashion search

Use this information to generate content for your website, social messages and newsletters. With the use of right keywords, your website will gain visibility on search engines. Also, by providing useful information for your visitors, you’ll built trust between the customer and your business. (Do not underestimate the power of content marketing!)

When you know exactly what your target group is looking for – it makes more sense to them and you – to offer them what they need.

7 tips with examples how to get started with content marketing for your fashion label

  1. Use language your customers understand/know: You might know different names for a shirt, and every shade of red by name – but does your average customer know all that? Make it easier for them to understand your text. Don’t be afraid to educate them! People love to consume knowledge. WE – people in general – love to learn new things.
  2. Use tools to find out what type of content performs best: Check out Buzzsumo and start using Google analytics. You can also see which posts perform best on your social media websites! My personal tip: Don’t get too excited about the reach. You can reach out to thousands, even millions – but the number doesn’t really mean that much. Look at your engagement number. Concentrate on it. These are the users who are interested in your content and they’re also your potential customers.
  3. Produce fresh, relevant and up-to-date news and articles. This can be information about new trends and styles, tips how to care clothes, different ways to wear a garment, season must haves and so on.
  4. Your blog posts should be more than 1000 words. Best performing articles have 3000 words. Why? Because when people search for information, they want to land onto one page that will help them best possible way. It’s not easy to write a long post if you’re not a content writer/marketer, but at least you know you need to write quite a bit! Just make sure, your post answers every question your visitor might have.
  5. Don’t create content just because you have to – create it to help your customer through buyer’s journey: Again, there is someone out there looking for answers by writing a question to an search engine. That person could be facing a daily problem. Let’s say they spilled coffee on their white shirt. Well, you will have piece of content dedicated just for that. But how can you grab attention with your post to your designs? You could already use images of your white shirts in the post, or inform that clothes you’re selling are easy to care and that you can machine wash them in 60 degrees.
  6. Use visuals: Images, videos, GIFs, inforaphics, memes, presentations and so on. There are nice tools you can use, that will help you create appealing visuals to your website and social media. My favorite is Canva and you can use it for free!
  7. Re-purpose and share your content: Remember to share your posts on social media. And don’t do it just once – have a calendar and share your post several times during the week. Change description texts and publish the post on different days and hours. People are not staring at their social feed 24/7, so there is a chance they’ve missed your message! Also, remember to re-purpose your content. If you write about Autumn trends, create a video or presentation about the trends you wrote about. You can use same content in different forms.

What forms of content marketing should you use for your fashion business?

Your business could be B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer), but we’re all people after all. When you know how the person with buying decision behaves and is mostly interested in, you’ll know where and what type of content you should publish.

There are some exceptions. For instance, your content could be so good, it grabs attention by average consumers – because of this, businesses will approach you to get your style and designs into their shops.

Also, people consume content in different ways. Busy people don’t have time to watch videos, but they might be able to listen to podcasts. Or some prefer more text over images. When you start with your content marketing, you will learn more about your audience and what type of content you should produce. Hardest part is to get started and be consistent. Don’t give up if your content is not performing well – it does require some time (several months even).


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