Tips for a successful brand name

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Tips for a successful brand name

How to name a fashion brand

A good brand name is memorable, easy to pronounce, simple yet clever and unique.

In many cases, people choose a (literal) brand name that is relevant to their product/service or they use their own name. It’s a good start, but I recommend trying a little bit harder and considering other options out there. This will help you stand out and brand your business.

Sometimes a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box can pay off, as it will help you to come up with an amazing name that will definitely stand out.

To make sure your name is going to be successful, you need to think about few key factors:

1. What are you branding? Yourself, your name and your skills? If so, choosing your own name might be the case for you. This is a very obvious option for a fashion designer or small local store. It’s not going to make you stand out from the crowd, but people will learn about you and what you do. So make sure that when you brand your name, it also reflects who you are.

2. Where are your customers located? If you are selling internationally, choose a name that sounds good and is easy to pronounce in different languages. Also, make sure it doesn’t mean anything weird or inappropriate. You can also add the name of the city you’re working from, as it adds value as well as possible additional quality. E.g. Donna Karan New York or Pepe Jeans London.

3. Do you want it to be multi-functional? Create a potential logo or a website, and see how the name looks together as a domain and logo. Is your logo going to be the name of your brand, part of the name (e.g. monogram) or extension of your name?

4. How does it make you feel when you say it out loud? Try saying it with different tones, fast and slow. If it feels right and sounds right, and makes you feel good, you’re on the right track.

5. Should it make sense to your target group? When knowing your potential customers, there is a chance that a perfect name is one of the terms or slogans they use every day. Or it’s a sound you hear, but how would you spell it?

6. Is it still going to be good in the future? If you will want to add a new range of products, is the name still going to be appropriate or is it liming you?

Before you make a decision, you should brainstorm at least 30 names. It shouldn’t be hard with these tips:

1. You can find potential names by simply using dictionaries or synonyms.
Also use of Latin words is a great way to spice up the name. (e.g. Sprite, Twitter)

2. Think about the brand and the product/service. What adjectives and other words can describe your brand? (e.g. Innocent)

3. Creating new names by blending or unifying two words. (e.g. BrewDog, Coca-Cola)

4. Is it allowed to be funny/sexy/irrelevantly relevant ect.? (e.g. Bawbags)

5. Try morphing a name, sentence or your brand’s slogan. (e.g. Sky-Peer-to-Peer -> Skyper -> Skype)

The don’ts

Try avoid adding names that:

  1. Are written differently than spelt or intentionally misspelt. (e.g. Svbtle)
  2. Too obvious, as it lacks creativity
  3. Similar to something already exists
  4. Adding -ly, -me, or -fy ending (that trend is OVER!)
  5. Too long and hard to remember

My tip is to brainstorm with a group of friends and family. Open up discussion and give some keywords about your brand and what it’s going to do. Try to keep the discussion open for few days and see if you can come up with a great name together.

Tips for a successful brand name


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