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Fashion branding and marketing

How to name a fashion brand

Tips for a successful brand name

A good brand name is memorable, easy to pronounce, simple yet clever and unique. In many cases, people choose a (literal) brand name that is relevant to their product/service or they use their own name.

online store to offline retail

When to turn your online business offline?

Online fashion retail is a relatively simple concept. You don’t need to think about renting a space, paying for in-store staff nor dealing with other traditional retail tasks and costs. But is online retail business enough or should you consider opening you own brick and mortar store? In this post we’ll discuss should you consider…
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How to create a marketing calendar for a fashion brand.

While working on various projects, marketing calendar kept me on track on where we are, and what do we need to do next. It’s like a map that helps you through the year and guides you towards your goals. For boosting up your productivity and getting your products out on time, I recommend setting up…
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Is it hard to start a fashion brand?

Is it difficult to start a fashion brand?

Fashion industry is very fascinating and glamorous, and truly tempting to be part of, ¬†but what does it require to start your own fashion brand/label? This question has probably crossed your mind if you are interested in starting your own fashion brand. Having friends running their own fashion brands, and working myself previously in fashion…
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How to use a mind map

In my previous post I covered some mind map basics, but now I want to share in a bit more detail how I do it.

Making a mind map

Before I open a word document and start writing my reports, I like to draw mind maps. Why? It’s simple. With a mind map, you can easily draw set of subjects and their main contents. It is a useful and creative tool for getting information out of your brain