Branding and marketing your fashion business

Fashion branding and marketing

Are you looking for someone who can help you brand and market your fashion label? Or perhaps you're searching for useful fashion branding and marketing tips and tricks? Which ever reason it may be, we're here to help.

Why do you need to brand and market your fashion label?

In any industry, in any business, B2B or B2C, we all need customers. We can help with finding out who your customers are and how to reach them through building a trustworthy brand, positive image, and strong brand identity.

What's our story?

We're small international group of friends, and we've all been working for big and small businesses in various industries before we decided to unite and put our strengths and abilities together.


My name is Maria, and I am the author of the fashion branding and marketing blog and owner of this concept. I've always loved fashion, and as a young girl I wanted to become a designer. I got accepted to Fashion and Clothing degree at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences where I found my calling of fashion marketing. After graduation, I've worked with several marketing and branding projects, and currently I am assisting with Helsinki Fashion Week, and am a new member of  the board of Nordic Fashion Week Group.

You can get in touch with me by emailing or through twitter! Hope to hear from you very soon!

Sincerely, M.T.D.