Fashion branding

Fashion branding


4 hours of fashion brand consulting and brand book in PDF.

Purpose of this service is to develop a solid branding strategy and a strong fashion brand.
Branding is all about telling a story, the atmosphere, tone and various other attributes which make the brand stand out from other labels alike. It is the reason people trust in the label and want to have a relationship with the brand.

Delivery type: 3-4 meetings (total 4 hours) via Skype or other (video)call or chat platform you prefer. Also, a face-to-face meeting is possible depending on your location. We will send you the brand book within one week after the last session.
Delivery time: First meeting within the first week after purchase.

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4 hours of fashion brand consulting and a brand book in PDF.

We will create branding strategy, brand story, tone, visual appearance and in addition, design how to strengthen the brand in the online and offline fashion world. How to be different and standout. Together, we can look into brand positioning and which advantages you have in comparison to your competitors. Also, we’ll look into how to use the brand as a unique selling point (USP). Which brand elements your target group considers as most important and how to bring additional value as a brand to the customers.

Why to brand?

Branding is all about gaining trust, telling a good story and building relationships, in addition, the brand is the reason why customers choose you over someone else.

Read more about why is it always important to brand a fashion label.


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